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What fun!  We had a bundle of VIEWMASTER discs dropped off and would love to know who and what are being featured in the images.  

Images will load below, or you can click here to see them in a larger window. 

NOTE - To load all of the images, keep rolling the scroll bar down (on the right side of the window) until no more photos load.

Please share your knowledge!

If you can enlighten us about any of the photos, please send an email to CommunicationsOffice@fvlhs.org. Please be sure to include the photo number so that we can connect the information to the correct picture.

You also have the option of creating an account and leaving a comment on the photos themselves (in place of sending an email.

To create an account . . .

  1. Click FVLHS News at the top center of the below window. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the below window and click “Profile.”
  3. Click “Sign up” and follow instructions.
  4. Refresh this page, click on the desired photos, and add comments.


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